Artisan Made for More Than 60 Years


Hand Rolled Wisconsin Grade A Butter


Fresh, never frozen. old-fashioned, hand-churned texture that begins with a complex tangy butter taste and leaves a long, lingering, silky mouthfeel. 

Many people tell us our butter reminds them of how butter tasted in their childhood.

Lightly Salted Butter

Two sizes: Net wt. 8 oz (226g) or
Net wt. 1 lb (453g)

Unsalted Butter

Two sizes: Net wt. 8 oz (226g) or
Net wt. 1 lb (453g)

Luscious, Simple and Delicious

Small-batch Churned Wisconsin Grade A

One Pound Solids

We combine a hundred years of dairy experience with the freshest Wisconsin sweet cream to create a truly unique butter with a traditional cultured flavor and a silky dense texture.

This butter is turned out of the churn and formed the old-fashioned way... never pumped or extruded. You’ll notice the difference this gentle treatment makes: great mouth-feel, rich and lingering flavor, enhanced sautéing and silkier sauces.

84% European Style butter is handcrafted in the heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland. Pastry chefs and home bakers alike value the higher butterfat in our fresh dense butter.

Lightly Salted Butter

Net wt. 1 lb (453g)

Unsalted Butter

Net wt. 1 lb (453g)

84% Butter Fat

Net wt. 1 lb (453g)

Butter + Sugar + Nuts

Handcrafted in the Lush Hills of Southwest Wisconsin


This recipe handed down from family to family for generations. Taste its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Hand made to order in small batches just like the old days. It's a delicious all natural candy with simple ingredients and no preservatives.

Cashew Butter Crunch

Net wt. 8 oz (226g)

Sunflower Butter Crunch

Net wt. 8 oz (226g)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your hand rolled butter made?

We work with 4th generation butter makers in Bonduel, WI who began making butter in 1926. Our cream comes from several local Wisconsin creameries.

What does hand rolled butter mean?


Butter is taken out of churn by hand, rolled in parchment, weighed, and labeled. This means it's not heavily manipulated. This is important to the flavor because over-manipulation, pumping or extruding with machines changes the butterfat structure and can make other butters taste greasy or cloying.

Our hand rolled butter has a just-churned texture that is dense and full-flavored. Your mouth can tell the difference.

Does your butter work well for cooking or baking?


Our hand rolled butter is a great “ingredient” butter.

  • Add to any sauce in cold pieces. It makes sauces and gravies thicker and silkier.

  • Makes super flaky pastries and rich cookies, bars, and confections.

  • Use for any compound butter (with fresh herbs, garlic and melted onto meat or veggies).

What is the butter’s shelf life?

150 days refrigerated (We never freeze it, but the end user can). One customer said she brings it home, pre-slices it, freezes the medallions, and takes one out each week.

What is the “natural flavoring” listed on the unsalted butter?


The natural flavoring is lactic acid, a natural dairy product. Unless salt is added, butter can begin to spoil rather quickly. Lactic acid helps maintain freshness. 

Should I store it in the refrigerator?


Many of our customers slice our butter roll into medallions and leave what they think they'll use during the week on the counter in a covered dish. Our butter holds its shape nicely at room temperature.


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